Two New York Police Officers Involved in Wreck Were Drunk

Both New York City police officers involved with a fatal crash in the Bronx last month had blood alcohol levels well above the legal limit for impaired driving. Officer Hoyoung Kim, who was driving at the time of the accident, had a 0.16% BAC. One of the passengers, Officer Edwin Paulino had a 0.21% BAC. Both officers were killed when their vehicle struck a guardrail on May 14 around 6:30 am.

Four female passengers in the vehicle, who are not police officers, were injured in the crash. Attorneys for the injured women are considering a lawsuit against the officer’s estates and the police department.

While police policy does not prohibit officers from drinking in their personal time, they are routinely expected to set a positive example when in public and they are subject to New York DWI laws on drinking and driving.

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