Two Men Arrested for DWI in Same Vehicle

Two Men, One Vehicle, Two DWI Arrests

Two men in Louisiana have been arrested for DWI hit-and-run for driving the same vehicle within a few minutes of each other. On Thanksgiving evening, Stephen Pierce Flint, 30, drove his Jeep into the side of the Red Barn Pub in Mandeville, which caused minor damage to the structure.

Police say that after the minor accident, his friend Donahue Miller, 21, jumped from the passenger seat to the driver’s seat and took control of the vehicle. Witnesses reported to police that Miller was driving when the Jeep left the scene of the crash. The Jeep was tracked down a few minutes later, only a few blocks away at the Barley Oak, another nearby pub.

Miller’s blood alcohol content (BAC) registered at .271%, more than three times the legal limit. Miller was charged with hit-and-run, first offense DWI, and simple criminal damage. His co-driver, Flint, was charged with hit-and-run, 5th offense DWI, and “unlawful refusal to the intoxilyzer test.”

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