Two LAPD Officers Accused Of Lying About DUI Arrest

Two LAPD Officers Accused Of Lying About DUI Arrest

lapdTwo LAPD officers accused of lying under oath about a DUI arrest made 3 years ago in Highland Park began their criminal trial this week. Craig Allen and Phillip Walters were charged with perjury and falsifying a police report in 2012. Walters is currently on suspension from the police force while Allen has since been fired. The DUI stop in question happened 3 years ago after Officer Cecilio Flores made a DUI stop and asked both Walters and Craig to assist him. Since Craig and Walters were on the DUI task force that night, Cecilio later handed off the stop to them, often called a “gimme”.

The remainder of the stop was fairly routine, with the driver being given field sobriety tests, arrested and then taken to jail. The problem arises in the police report, where according to prosecutor Rosa Alarcon, Allen wrote he was “in the area when they observed and pulled over the vehicle. He didn’t mention Flores“. Alarcon said that Allen later testified at another hearing and admitted to never having personally observed the offense happening. Allen’s attorney has said that his client had “no motive” for lying and that the error on the the police report was just that, a mistake. With regard to the perjury case, LAPD Police Chief Charlie Beck said, “I do not believe that their intent was evil, just extremely misguided. The character of our organization is defined by the conduct that we condone. These actions were entirely unacceptable“.

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