TV star of 'The Hills' Arrested for California DUITV star of 'The Hills' Arrested for California DUI

Jason Wahler, formerly of the television series ‘The Hills’, was arrested in Newport Beach for driving under the influence in California. Police stopped the reality show star on March 19 around 10:55 pm while he was driving a 2008 Chevy Tahoe. Wahler was released on his own recognizance.

Wahler, 23, has gained a reputation as a bad boy. He was arrested on March 11 for being in a brawl in a San Lucas Mexico nightclub. He was arrested in Yakima County Washington in September 2009 and charged with assault and minor drinking. In 2008 he was ordered to rehab for punching a tow truck driver in the face and using racial slurs. He was arrested and spent 18 days in jail during 2007 for fighting in the lobby of the Seattle Marriott hotel. Later that year he was charged with underage drinking, resisting arrest and attempted bribery.

Wahler reportedly does not recall any of his arrests, claiming they are “blackouts”.

Have you been arrested for DUI in CA?

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