Tucson Police Go After DUI Fugitives

There are nearly 2000 people in Tucson, Arizona who have been charged with DUI and not shown up for their trial. So last July the Tucson police department gave offenders a chance to turn themselves in, with the understanding that they would not go to jail for the DUI charge.

Not many took advantage of the offer and the police recently hit the streets with DUI arrest warrants. The sweep targeted 50 fugitives who had failed to appear at their DUI court hearings.

One offender had been charged with DUI a year ago and he told arresting officers that he had no intention of showing up in court. That attitude may now lead to more severe penalties.

Tucson Police Department Sgt. Dave Leotaud said, "What makes it dangerous…is they are known DUI offenders…they are known 37 times more likely to go out on the road and cause a fatality."

The effort to locate and arrest those who have failed to appear at their DUI hearings will continue for the next three months, and it is part of a statewide anti-drunk driving campaign called "Pass the Keys". That program combines DUI education and law enforcement activities.

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