Minnesota State Trooper Arrested for DWI


Minnesota State Trooper Arrested for DWI
Minnesota State Trooper Arrested for DWI

Minnesota state trooper, Nick Morse, was imprisoned on Wednesday morning at Duluth’s State Patrol district office when he showed up for training. Morse was arrested for suspicion of DWI and is currently on  paid investigative leave. Law enforcement officials claimed that “a supervisor noticed the odor of alcohol coming from Morse at the district office. Field sobriety tests were administered, and Morse was arrested by a State Patrol lieutenant.”

Consequently, Morse was imprisoned at the St. Louis County Jail. There he was administered a breath test, which showed that his blood-alcohol content level was 0.08 percent (the legal limit in Minnesota). “Morse was also issued a citation for fourth-degree DUI.”

Chief of the State Patrol, Col. Kevin Daly commented by saying, “State troopers are dedicated to taking impaired drivers off the road, which makes this incident even more egregious and unacceptable…We don’t tolerate impaired driving, regardless of who is behind the wheel.”

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