Topless Woman Nabbed for Nevada DUI

Police in Garnerville arrested a topless woman for driving under the influence in Nevada last Monday. During a raging snow storm, half-naked 41-year old Brandi Smith reportedly entered a grocery store and stole a bottle of wine before driving to a fast-food restaurant.

Callers had reported an erratic driver in a black Corvette before Smith was observed stopping at Scolari’s grocery and entering the store naked from the waist up. She proceeded to grab a $20 bottle of wine and, when confronted by a clerk about her lack of clothing, walked out of the store without paying. She then drove to a Burger King restaurant where an off-duty sheriff’s deputy found her with the front wheel of the car on the curb in the landscaping. The trooper removed the key from the ignition and kept Smith from exiting the vehicle.

Smith was taken to Carson Valley Medical Center for treatment and observation. A breath test revealed a blood alcohol content of .144%.

Smith has two prior convictions for DUI in California, and her California driver’s license is suspended. There is no record of her having a Nevada license. Smith is also on probation for stealing beer from a convenience store last October.

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