Toddlers Roam Street After DUI Mom Passes Out

A 3-year old boy and a 4-year old girl were found wandering the streets of Cooper City, Florida around 5:00 pm on Wednesday, nearly two miles from their house. The two had got out of the family mini-van and walked off after their mother passed out in her driveway with the engine running.

Brenda Dulcos was reportedly on her way to pick up an older child from school when she passed out. When her mother failed to arrive, the daughter walked to an uncle’s house. The uncle then contacted the Sheriff’s department. In the mean time, the two toddlers were found, barefoot, by a good Samaritan while they were about to cross a busy road and also called authorities. They said they were trying to find their older sister.

When found by police around 6:00 pm, Dulcos refused to submit to a breath test to check blood alcohol content. While not actually driving the gold Ford Windstar, police arrested her for Florida DUI because she was in physical control of the vehicle. She was also charged with child neglect.

Brenda Dulcos wept while being charged with driving under the influence in FL. It is her first alcohol related offense. She was told she would not be allowed to drink when released, or drive with children in the vehicle. Broward County Florida judge John Hurley said the drunk driving incident was a danger to the children, and liken it to having a loaded gun with the kids around. He vowed to personally call the Florida Department of Children and Families to make them aware of Dulcos’ actions.

Dulcos, 44, was being held in the North Broward jail on $4,500 bail. The children are in the custody of their father.

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