Titans Tight End Brandon Barden DUI Charges Dismissed

Titans Tight End Branden Bardon DUI Charges Dismissed

brandon bardenTennessee Titans tight end Brandon Barden has had his DUI charges dismissed after the arresting officer failed to appear in court. Barden was arrested in February 2013 after a single vehicle accident in Lincoln County, Georgia. According to the police report, Barden lost control of his vehicle, hitting a ditch, causing his SUV to flip over one and a half times. According to the arresting officer, Barden had a strong odor of alcohol coming from him and refused to submit a blood alcohol test. Since the arresting officer failed to appear in court, Brandon Barden was able to escape the DUI charges for a “lack of prosecution“, according to Jim Wyatt of the Tennesseean.

Debbie Pruett of the Lincoln County probate office said “If the officer doesn’t show for court, everything is dismissed. Brandon had an attorney and she requested it be dismissed for a lack of prosecution and the judge had no bearing to change it. It’s completely closed“. Pruett also noted that while it is rare for an officer not to appear in court, it is possible that the arresting officer had worked a night shift, explaining his absence. While Brandon Barden won’t be charged for DUI, it is still possible for the National Football League to discipline him, which is not uncommon for the league to do after players have been arrested for instances of impaired driving.

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