Tiger Woods Mistress Sent to Jail for Florida DUI

The waitress from Central Florida who claimed to have had an affair with golfer Tiger Woods has been sentenced to one year in jail for drunk driving. Mindy Lawton entered a no contest plea in Orange County court last Friday to charges of driving under the influence in Florida. In addition to the jail sentence, she was placed on five years of probation, had her license revoked for 180 days and ordered to perform 50 hours of community service.

Lawton’s FL DUI arrest occurred in early 2009 after she crashed into another car. Her blood alcohol content was reportedly .18%. The driver of the other vehicle suffered broken ribs, back and facial injuries, and cited memory loss.

Lawton, 34, said she met Tiger Woods in 2006 while working as a manager at Perkins Restaurant. Graphic details of their affair were revealed after Woods crashed his SUV on Thanksgiving Day in 2009 following an argument with his wife, Elin.

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