This Week

San Diego, California – A woman faces felony DWI charges after ramming into a California Highway Patrol car around midnight. The officer was conducting a traffic stop when the drunk driver hit the back of the cruiser pushing it into the second vehicle which then knocked the officer to the ground. He was not seriously injured.

Charlotte, North Carolina – Not to be outdone by the above west coast incident, a North Carolina drunk driver hit not one but two Charlotte/Mecklenburg Police cars around 1 am. No one was injured though the officer in the second patrol car had just opened his car door when it was hit.

Spring Grove, Pennsylvania – Around 4 am Steven Clay Gaither, 21, lost control of his car and careened into the town square. He knocked a granite monument off its base and then hit and knocked over a light pole. The Pennsylvania State Police he was charged with DWI.

Merrimack, New Hampshire – Adam Gagnon, 21, was arrested for drinking and driving after crashing into a utility pole and leaving his vehicle. Gagnon’s 1995 Ford Contour hit the utility pole and snapped it in two near its base. He and three other passengers were found later in the morning at a nearby home. The road was closed for most of the day due to the accident.

Tampa, Florida – Sparing poles and monuments, a Florida drunk driver crashed into the local police headquarters. Christopher Jones then refused to get out of the car and he wrapped his arms around the steering wheel. Officers eventually had to Taser him. Jones was charged with DWI and resisting arrest.

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