This Weeks DWI shorts – Elected Officials

Hillsboro, Missouri – Both candidates for the Jefferson County Prosecutor’s office have arrest records for drunk driving. In the true spirit of cut-throat campaigning, Republican candidate Jeffrey Coleman has implied his Democratic opponent Forrest Wegge must have exerted influence because the latter received a better deal after his DWI arrest.

Mount Pleasant, South CarolinaMt. Pleasant councilman Bobby Utsey was arrested for DWI and aggravated assault. Utsey told officers a vehicle cut him off in traffic. He confronted the female driver at a traffic light and punched her in the face. When she got out of the car to defend herself, Utsey hit her again. He then got back in his vehicle and drove off. Police stopped him shortly after and they say he failed several field sobriety tests.

Salt Lake City, Utah – A Salt Lake City criminal prosecutor is facing his own District Attorney’s office after being arrested for DWI. Jon David Shuman was stopped at a publicly announced sobriety checkpoint. Besides glassy red eyes and an odor of alcohol, Shuman came under suspicion while moving ‘really slow’ when retrieving requested driver’s license and registration. During the ensuing DWI arrest both Shuman and his wife verbally assaulted the police though their comments were blacked out of the formal police report.

Albuquerque, New MexicoPatrick Padilla, the Bernalillo County Treasurer, was stopped for suspicion of DWI. He caught the attention of police by tailgating a semi-truck on Interstate 40 that was traveling at the speed limit. He was subsequently charged with misdemeanor DWI.

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