This Week

Naked in New York – A nude woman was arrested for DWI after speeding up to 100 miles per hour down a Staten Island street, striking and killing a pedestrian, sideswiping another car and flipping her vehicle which went airborne and cleared a 10-foot high fence. Taliyah Taylor, 24, emerged from her overturned car singing lyrics from a Lil’ Kim rap tune and then tried to steal a NYPD cruiser. Police could not say why she was naked.

Make that a double in PennsylvaniaMaryland motorist Ann Galvin Moore Gentry, 52, drove to the Southern Regional Police Headquarters in Pennsylvania to be processed for a previous DUI. While being fingerprinted police smelled alcohol and tests revealed that Gentry’s blood alcohol content was 0.23, nearly three times the legal limit. She was promptly charged with a second DWI.

Self delivery in Tennessee – Troopers from the Knoxville headquarters of the Tennessee Highway Patrol didn’t have to work hard catching a recent DWI offender. Semi-truck driver Terry Munday, 48, arrived at the headquarters to deliver a large file cabinet. After passing a parking lot filled with clearly identified police cruisers, Munday approached the receptionist who noticed a strong smell of alcohol. After failing several field sobriety tests and a breath test, he was arrested for DWI.

Horsing around in Georgia– A Rabun County woman faces one count of DWI for riding a horse while drunk. Heather Darnell, 22, attempted to cross a heavily trafficked road around 10:30 pm and was struck by a motorist. The horse apparently survived though Darnell, according to police records, was ‘ejected’ and ended up in a nearby intensive care unit.

Two arrests in two hours in New York– A Canton, New York man was arrested for DWI twice in just two hours. James Scott Alexander, 45, was first stopped around 11 pm. Police called a cab for him after processing him. Just two hours later however police recognized Alexander driving again. He was arrested and charged with another DWI. The second offense landed him in a county correctional facility.

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