This week's DWI Shorts

Worth a try in Wisconsin – A Lake Mills woman ended up in Waukesha (Wisconsin) County Jail after being stopped twice in 24 hours for driving drunk. Sarah Reich, 22, told officers, “You can’t arrest me for DUI, I’m coming from Alcoholics Anonymous.” In both arrests she was stopped just after driving past a police station.

Playing through in South Dakota – Tawanna Martin, 23, was charged with South Dakota DUI after driving a golf cart on a highway without lights around midnight. She ignored the officer’s flashing emergency lights until, according to police, she finally realized she could not outrun the squad car.

Full service in Illinois – A highly intoxicated driver rolled up to the security booth of the Braidwood nuclear power plant and asked the guard to fill his gas tank. Just a week before a drunk driver pulled up to the same security booth and tried to pay toll. Both drivers were arrested for Illinois DUI.

That’s what friends are for in New Hampshire – Frank Curran, 36, of North Hampton was arrested after an evening that included burglarizing a store for beer, driving while intoxicated and fracturing his drinking buddy’s skull. Curran beat up and then robbed a man he had met in jail a few months prior. He claimed in his defense that he is allergic to beer.

Resisting Arrest Aussie Style – After registering a blood alcohol level well above the legal limit, a man in Northern Territory, Australia ran onto the road, picked up a live snake and waved it at police officers. The driver refused to drop the snake and ran into the bush before being apprehended and charged with DUI. The official police report stated that the “driver allegedly armed himself with a live snake and threatened (officers).”

Getting a woozy feeling in Arizona – After Randall Raymond Perkins, 50, of Tempe was stopped for suspicion of DUI, police observed the driver ‘banging on the steering wheel and making unusually abrupt movements’. When asked for his license, Perkins said it had been suspended after two previous Arizona DUI convictions and he then continued acting irrational, screaming and placing his hands over his face. He claimed he was unable to perform any field sobriety tests because a fear of going to prison was making him faint and he needed to sit down.

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