This Week

Soccer Dad in New York – Stephen Bowman, 48, of Syracuse, crashed his SUV into another car twice before coming to a stop. Bowman had consumed ‘a lot of beer’ at a soccer match and his 15-year old son had tried in vain to keep his dad awake prior to the accident by slapping him several times in the face. Bowman was charged with New York DWI and endangering the welfare of a child.

Soccer Mom in New York – Carolyn Magliochetti, 47, of Long Island hit a street sign while driving drunk. She had ignored pleas to stop from her teenage daughter and her friend. The two girls got out of the car after the crash and Magliochetti drove off. The daughter then called police and gave them a description of the car. Magliochetti was arrested for DWI a short distance away.

Showing Gratitude in Colorado – A driver stopped to let another vehicle back out of a parking space around 2:00 am in Boulder, Colorado. The 21-year old driver of the car that backed up sped off with tires squealing. The only problem is that the courteous driver who stopped was a police officer. The young man was arrested for DUI with a blood-alcohol content three times the legal limit.

Going in Circles in Florida – Police were called to a Jacksonville Best Buy early one Friday after witnesses called about a driver circling the parking lot, babbling incoherently and videotaping the crowd of people waiting for the store to open. There they found Jared R. Wright, 22, who locked himself in the car and said he could not get out. A police deputy smashed a window and pulled Wright from the vehicle. He was charged with Florida DUI and resisting arrest.

The Deer Hunter in Wisconsin – A 50-year old man dragged a dead deer into the Dodge County Sheriff’s Department around 8:30 pm asking to have it tagged. The department log said that the man appeared intoxicated so he was taken to a nearby hospital for a blood test. The hunter now faces OWI charges.

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