This Week

I think I’ll walk in New Mexico – Bobby Miranda, of Las Vegas, New Mexico, was the driver of a city Safe Ride van. He was placed on administrative leave, and expected to be fired, after being arrested for New Mexico DWI while in the van. A background check by a local news station showed two previous DWI convictions, and possibly a third, though his employer said none of that information was available to them at the time Miranda was hired.

Leading the way in California – Police responded to calls of a vehicle being driven repeatedly around the block with its lights on. Despite flashing police lights and wailing sirens, suspected drunk driver Charles Evans, 33, sped off and refused to stop. Having his vehicle tapped in the rear by the police cruiser didn’t stop him. He only came to a stop after pulling into his own driveway. Evans was arrested for failure to stop for a police officer and California DUI.

Self Serve in California – Mary McGill drove to a California Highway Patrol office to pick up a traffic report. She displayed signs of intoxication and smelled of alcohol so officers administered a field sobriety test. She failed the test and was arrested. The report McGill was seeking was for an accident for which she had also been arrested…for drunk driving.

There goes Santa Claus in South Carolina – David Allen Rodgers, 42, was arrested for drunk driving in Anderson, South Carolina…while pulling the ‘Steppin Out Dance Studio’ float in a Christmas parade. Rodgers. He pulled out to pass another float and suddenly took off. A float passenger dialed 911 as Rodgers sped down Main Street and he ran a red light. Rodgers did not stop for three miles and then fought with arresting officers. An open container of alcohol was found in his truck. Rodgers faces more than three dozen charges, including South Carolina DUI, assaulting officers and 18 counts of kidnapping.

Perhaps lost in translation from Moscow – A man stopped by police in Eastern Russia admitted that he had drunk a half-liter of grain alcohol. He was charged with drunk driving and while police were filling out paperwork to confiscate the car, the driver tried to swallow his keys. The man then bit an officer who tried to retrieve them. The man was identified only as ‘Muscovite’.

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