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Lubbock, Texas – Lubbock police officer Jacob G. Opperman is on administrative leave after being arrested for Texas DWI. Opperman had been drinking at a party with other Lubbock police officers. As a prank, officers flattened two tires on Opperman’s patrol car and removed the other two. That did not stop Opperman from driving off, with squad car lights flashing. He stopped at a convenience store around 3:00 am, stumbled in and then left without buying anything. A convenience store clerk saw Opperman trying to drive his patrol car with only two (flat) tires and called 911.

Plainville, Connecticut – Former Bristol police captain Daniel W. Britt was arrested for Connecticut DUI after being stopped for erratic driving. He failed a field sobriety test but later refused to take a breathalyzer test at the police station. While an active duty officer Britt was the subject of at least one internal affairs investigation for purportedly routinely driving drunk and arriving at a crime scene drunk. He was cleared of those charges.

Riverside County, California –Richard Kamstra faces two felony counts of California DUI after crashing into another car and injuring the other driver. Despite the fact that Kamstra admitted to drinking just before the accident, it took two months before the DUI charges were filed against him.

Reche Canyon, California – An assistant chief of the California Highway Patrol faces charges of driving under the influence. Michael Maples pulled into his driveway around 11:00 pm and crashed into the car of someone visiting his home. The owner of the parked car heard the crash and called the police.

Dallas, Texas – Noemy Zavala Perez, an off-duty Dallas Police officer, allegedly crashed her SUV into a barricade in a restricted part of Love Field Airport minutes after Air Force One had departed with President Bush. She was stopped and arrested for drunk driving 10 miles north of the airport after driving around a protective barricade set up by firefighters at an area fire. She is on administrative leave during an investigation into her Texas DWI arrest.

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