This Week

Rolling Along in West Virginia – A Hedgesville man, who later admitted to State Police that he had drunk six beers in the previous hour, rolled the car he was driving onto its roof, blocking the road. Mark Thomas Munson, 20, called 911 to get help righting his Plymouth Neon, which he insisted he could drive home. Munson was charged with West Virginia DUI in Morgan County.

Bumping Along in Louisiana – Michael D. Holcomb, 20, of Lufkin, Texas crashed his pick-up truck into an office building in Clement, Louisiana and then fled the scene. Unfortunately he left his bumper behind, with a Texas license plate attached. Police found a truck missing a rear bumper in a local motel parking lot and matched the license plate left at the accident scene with the one still on the front of the truck. Holcomb was arrested for Louisiana DWI and hit and run.

Toasting the Police in New Hampshire – Patrick Allain, 27, was stopped in Manchester, New Hampshire on Christmas night after a motorist alerted police to his apparent drunken driving. Police pursued Allain with sirens and flashing lights but he did not stop until after he had hit two vehicles and caused property damage. He then defiantly ignored police orders to put down his beer and continued to drink from a 40-ounce bottle of Olde English. Among other charges, he was hit with his fourth arrest for driving while intoxicated.

With a Side of Fries in New Jersey – Tracy L. Ayars, 22, was arrested for DWI while sitting in the drive thru of a Wendy’s restaurant at 1:00 am. Restaurant employees alerted police to a possibly intoxicated person in an SUV with an open container. Ayars, in his Chevy Tahoe, was placing an order at the drive-thru speaker when police arrived. He ignored the officer’s flashing overhead lights and pulled forward to pick-up his food. Described as ‘dazed’, Ayars failed a field sobriety test and was charged with New Jersey DWI.

With a Side of Glass in New Mexico – Alexander Begay, 33, was stopped for suspicion of New Mexico DWI and, after failing all field sobriety tests, was placed in the back of a squad car. The handcuffed Begay kicked out the side window of the car and then leaned over and started eating the shards of glass left in the window frame. He reportedly ate about “a cupful of broken glass”. Begay attempted to bite officers trying to stop him. He was taken to San Juan Regional Medical Center and treated for injuries before being booked for drunk driving as well as aggravated assault and a host of other charges.

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