This Week

Two for one in Pennsylvania – Kenneth L. Ingram, 40, and his estranged wife, Mary M. Ingram, 43, were arguing as they drove through Manheim, Pennsylvania. Police pulled over the vehicle after seeing the passenger-side door open several times. Kenneth Ingram jumped out from the driver’s seat and tried to run but was grabbed by the police. Then Mary Ingram ran out of the car, got in the driver’s seat and sped away. Officers threw Kenneth in the back of their cruiser and headed off after Mary. She was stopped a mile later. Kenneth Ingram’s blood alcohol content was 0.158 percent, and Mary Ingram’s was 0.21. Both were charged with Pennsylvania DUI.

More of the same in South Carolina – Police in Charleston responded to a single vehicle crash around 2 pm and found Roberta Stewart trying to drive away. She was arrested for South Carolina DUI after registering a blood alcohol content of 0.166. But then police determined that Howard Spencer Hogan had been driving at the time of the wreck and then fled the scene. He was caught a short distance away and also charged with South Carolina DUI.

Hitting the trifecta in New York – Potsdam police responded to a call about a vehicle with a flat tire and found Lee W. Moody, 26, drunk behind the wheel. He was arrested for New York DWI. During questioning, police determined Steven E. Parker, 25, had been behind the wheel when the car hit a curb causing the tire to go flat. He was arrested for New York DWI. While still at the scene, Michael C. Wheaton, 26, arrived after being called by his two friends for help. He was also drunk and charged with New York DWI.

Finding religion in Brazil – Police stopped Roman Catholic priest Aparecido Donizete Bianchi, 48, in Sao Jose do Rio Preto after apparently driving drunk across city sidewalks. Bianchi responded by making obscene gestures and dancing to lively Brazilian ‘axe’ dance music blasting from his car stereo. He offered a bribe to the officers but later said it was the police who were trying to extract payment. Drunk driving charges are pending the outcome of a blood sample taken at the scene.

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