This Week

The mail must be delivered in Wisconsin – A mail carrier in Waukesha, Wisconsin has been taken off his route after being arrested for Wisconsin DUI. The postman drove his delivery truck into oncoming traffic, jumper a curb and hit a No Parking sign. He then showed up at the post office incoherent and with blood on his hands. Tests showed his blood alcohol level was nearly four times the state’s legal limit.

Do it yourself auto improvements in West Virginia – David Woods, 30, decided to drive his Oldsmobile to a Beckley, West Virginia AutoZone store for parts. Unfortunately his car only had three tires and a rim. Police responded to a speeding car that was ‘all over the road’. They then noticed that the car’s front bumper was off and debris was falling from the car. When Woods finally came to a stop behind the auto parts store he said he "thought he could make it". He failed a field sobriety test and was arrested for West Virginia DUI.

Another single car/multiple arrest incident– Adding to last week’s list of multiple drunk driving arrests involving a single vehicle, we have news out of Australia. Police in the Northern Territory arrested a 25 year-old man around 1:00 am and charged him with DWI after registering a 0.141 BAC. A short time later police stopped the same vehicle and arrested a woman for drunk driving. Then the 52 year-old owner of the vehicle was stopped while driving his car with a blood alcohol content of 0.229. Australia’s legal blood alcohol limit is 0.05. All three are scheduled to face DWI charges in Magistrate Court.

Being in the wrong place in California – A man taking out the trash ended up being pinned against a house by a drunk driver. Tiffany Lynn Souza, 27, of Discovery Bay, California told police that she attempted to parallel park her van when she crashed into a parked car. That vehicle was pushed into the driveway next door where it hit a boat trailer. The trailer ended up pinning Eric Morias, 24, against his friend’s house. Souza was charged with a California DUI.

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