This Week

Getting cleaned up in Ohio –City workers at the Franklin Area Wastewater Treatment Facility were startled to see Zachary C. King, 24, approach them at 2:30 am. King was soaked with sewage up to his chest after he had crashed his car into an aeration pond that separates solid waste from liquids. It is unclear how King made it into the facility though he said he was looking for northbound Interstate 75 when he drove into the sewage pond. King failed field sobriety tests and agreed to take a breath test after failing to reach his lawyer. The Breathalyzer showed a blood alcohol content of .22, nearly three times Ohio’s .08 legal limit. King was charged with Ohio DUI.

Getting the munchies in Minnesota – Police responded to calls of a possible drunk driver and found a Maple Grove, Minnesota man passed out in his car. The vehicle was next to a gas pump with the motor was running. The driver had a half-eaten candy bar in his hand and on his shirt. The 23-year old was arrested on suspicion of Minnesota DWI.

Room Service in New York – A Colonie man was charged with New York DWI, along with several other offenses including criminal mischief, obstruction, menacing and resisting arrest, after crashing his pickup truck through the wall of an Albany Red Carpet Inn. The truck belonging to Patrick Prince, 41, was found completely lodged in the room he had rented in order to drink with friends. Prince was seen screaming in the parking lot after the accident and he tried to flee from police officers. Prince has prior drunk driving arrests.

In need of a toaster in Kentucky – A Pennsylvania truck driver was charged with Kentucky DUI after overturning his tractor-trailer and spilling Kellogg’s Pop Tarts on the highway and hillside. Bernard Boxhill, 48, failed a field sobriety test and had red, glassy eyes, slurred speech and was unsteady on his feet.

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