This Week

Brutal honesty in Ohio – After being alerted by motorists, police officers caught up with Carl Hobbs, of Lorain, Ohio, around 2:30 on a Sunday afternoon as he was backing his pickup truck down a road to a driveway he had missed. Hobbs, 54, who was wearing surgical scrubs and latex gloves, refused a breath test and was unable to recite the alphabet beyond the letter ‘C’. When asked when he started drinking, Hobbs told police, “Saturday night”. When asked when he stopped drinking he replied, “I haven’t.” Hobbs was charged with his 11th Ohio DUI.

Making a political statement in Texas? – A security officer at the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library in College Station, Texas alerted police to a woman who kept losing her balance while urinating in the parking lot of the Bush Library. Police stopped the 22-year old female nearby and a voluntary breath test showed a blood alcohol content more than twice the legal limit. She was charged with misdemeanor Texas driving while intoxicated.

A striking example of stupidity from Massachusetts – Paul Watson, 50, decided to steal a car. But he was drunk and he sideswiped several parked cars in his get away. In fact, he was so drunk that when Framingham police opened the car door, Watson fell out onto the street. He then proceeded to punch, kick and yell during his DWI arrest.

Beyond description in California – A routine speeding stop turned into a high-speed chase with a twist for an ending. California Highway Patrol says that, while being stopped for speeding, Scott Stack, of Davis, used his pickup truck to cause injury to an officer and he then fled the scene. During a chase at speeds up to 100 mph, a second police cruiser lost sight of Stack’s vehicle. The officer then saw a huge explosion from a nearby electric transformer. Arriving on the scene, the officer saw that the suspect’s truck had run off the road and sheared through a telephone pole, leaving live wires strewn everywhere. Stack was located by a CHP helicopter, as he had been ejected from his truck during the wreck. The accident site was strewn with pornographic materials, personal lubricant and panty hose that were thought to have come from Stack’s vehicle. Stack was booked on felony California DUI, felony assault and felony evading arrest.

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