This Week

Using the ol’ unicorn defense in Montana – After running a red light, making a u-turn through a gas station, crossing a street and crashing into a light pole in Billings, Phillip Carston Holliday Jr., told police that a unicorn was driving his truck. Holliday, 42, criminal history includes 5 DUI convictions, 4 felonies, 35 misdemeanors and 53 traffic violations. The latest incident added another Montana DUI and a charge of criminal endangerment.

Cruising the mall in Georgia – Security cameras captured Stephen Lowe crashing his SUV through the entrance of the Augusta Mall about an hour after it closed. Lowe drove throughout the mall, including the food court, before crashing through another set of doors to exit. When finally apprehended, Lowe became angry and attacked a deputy. He faces numerous charges including Georgia DUI.

Ice fishing with a truck as lure in Michigan – Just before 3 am, police were summoned to the scene of a truck submerged in 10 feet of water at an upstate Michigan resort. The owner initially claimed the truck had been stolen and he did not know if anyone was in it. Police soon determined that Nicholas Leo Hein was drunk when he drove his 2006 Dodge Ram seventy-five yards out onto a frozen pond. Hein was arrested for Michigan DUI and for filing a false felony report.

Looking for help in all the wrong places in Massachusetts – Mario Donna-Rumma, 46, was charged with his 4th Massachusetts DUI after stopping on a busy highway to ask for directions to a Salem detox center. Police stopped the East Boston man as he was trying the cross the highway on foot. Police found open beer and liquor in his car.

Three Ring Circus in South Africa – A three-car accident in Polokwane, South Africa, that included two police cars, left investigators with a mess to sort out. A BMW belonging to the police organized crime unit, a Mazda belonging to police detectives and a second BMW crashed together. A police superintendent said that all three drivers were ‘very’ drunk and cases of suspected negligent driving and driving under the influence were opened.

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