This Week

Strolling through the park in Ohio – Steven S. Cole, a firefighter from Mason, Ohio, was arrested and charged with drunk driving, disorderly conduct and public indecency after he was spotted in a local park wearing a bikini and woman’s wig. Cole, 46, had on a “very skimpy woman’s blue bikini with two tan water balloons taped to the top to simulate two woman’s breasts and a pair of pink Speedo flip-flop sandals.”

On thin ice in New Jersey – A judge decided operating a Zamboni drunk does not constitute New Jersey DWI. John Peragallo was arrested after a fellow employee told police that Peragallo was speeding on the machine and nearly crashing into walls. Peragallo, 64, admitted to drinking beer and vodka and taking pills while on the job but the judge ruled the four-ton ice-cleaning machine isn’t a motor vehicle because it can’t be used on a highway.

Horsing around in Alabama – A Henagar, Alabama woman was arrested for taking a midnight ride on her horse while intoxicated. Melissa Byrum York, 40, resisted stopping for police and even rammed a police car with the horse. She was apprehended after trying to jump from the horse and getting her foot caught in a stirrup. She was charged with Alabama DUI for riding a horse under the influence of a controlled substance.

Not getting far in Pennsylvania– Bernard George Borek, 51, of Columbia Crossroads, Pennsylvania attempted to elude police by backing down a steep embankment. But he passed out behind the wheel of his 1983 Chevrolet Celebrity, and was taken into custody and charged with Pennsylvania DUI.

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