This Week

Drive-thru convenience in Wisconsin – Michael W. Crawford was charged with his fifth Wisconsin DUI after being arrested after placing an order at a McDonald’s drive-thru. When approached by a local sheriff and asked how much he had to drink, the 47-year old Sheboygan man said “too much,” and told the officer not to bother with a field sobriety test because he was drunk.

Carting around in Florida – A deputy sheriff was a little surprised to see a go-cart with no headlights go zipping by on a dimly lit road at 4:00am. Jeremiah Whetstine, 23, of Astor was too impaired to stand when stopped and arrested for Florida DUI. He told the deputy he was on his way to McDonald’s.

Another drive-thru in Pennsylvania – Lisa Klenchik, 39, got more than a burger and fries at a Towanda Burger King drive-thru. State police were called to the restaurant around 4:30 after Klenchik appeared “incoherent and confused.” She was charged with Pennsylvania DWI.

Having it her way in Virginia – Drema Johnson, 40, didn’t quite get it her way after driving through a Burger King and Hardee’s in Verona. Employees alerted police around 4:00 pm after detecting a strong smell of alcohol, and noticing that Johnson was nude from the waist down. While being charged with DUI, Johnson, 40, told officers she had just had a sexual encounter with a friend and was hungry.

Bumper cars in North Carolina – Police were called to a McDonald’s in High Point after a man started ramming cars in the parking lot. Robert Sterling Padgett, 27, was charged with North Carolina DWI and careless and reckless driving. Four cars, including Padgett’s, were damaged.

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