This Week

Sex, alcohol and driving in Florida – Joe Conner was driving his Jeep in Fort Myers Beach when his passenger wanted to have sex while driving. At some point in the encounter, Conner lost control of his vehicle, hit three mailboxes and a guardrail before ending up in a ditch. A blood test revealed that Conner’s BAC was nearly three times the legal limit and he was arrested for Florida DUI.

More Florida sex– A Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Deputy is under investigation for having sex with a DUI suspect. Raymond Choy, 35, suggested he would not charge the female motorist with DUI if she cooperated. A DNA test confirmed a sexual encounter. Choy is on paid administrative leave until the outcome of an internal investigation.

Cutting more than grass in Louisiana – Larry Minniefield, 48, of West Monroe, was arrested for driving a lawnmower while intoxicated. Ouachita Parish sheriff’s deputies spotted Minniefield drive by on a John Deere lawnmower. A short time later Minniefield passed by again, driving in the middle of the road and showing signs of intoxication. He was arrested and deputies returned the lawnmower to Minniefield’s mother.

Brothers with a lot to talk about in Arkansas –De Queen resident Sebastian Nabor hit a curb while driving and responding officers suspected drunk driving. Sebastian attempted to avoid what would be his second Arkansas DWI by giving the arresting officer his brother’s name. Sebastian then made the mistake of calling his brother, Antonio Moreno Nabor, to bail him out of jail. When Antonio arrived and paperwork was filed, the plan unraveled. Police added criminal impersonation to the DWI charge.

Playing chicken in Massachusetts – David P. Rice, 53, careened off an Interstate 95 exit at high speed, drove across two grass medians, went airborne, cleared a guardrail and crashed into a barn and chicken coop. Both buildings were severely damaged and Rice killed nearly two dozen prized roosters and chickens. He was arrested for Aggravated Massachusetts DWI and Reckless Conduct.

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