This Week

Taipei, Taiwan – A Taiwanese businessman woke up in the middle of the road with more problems than headache. A nearby security camera captured the motorist passed out in his Mercedes Benz. It also documented that the driver was too drunk to realize that a passing thief had pulled him from the car and stolen the luxury car. To top things off, police also charged the businessman with drunk driving.

Pennsylvania, USA – A thief in America was not as lucky as his Taiwanese counter-part. Brian William Russ, 28, stole a vehicle and then passed out in the driver’s seat. He was found and arrested around 5:30 a.m., and charged with Pennsylvania DUI and receiving stolen property.

Wiesenburg, Germany – A man had a few too many beers and decided to use a heated bank ATM lobby to sleep off the effects. He was on horseback however and, due to a lack of a hitching post, he brought his horse, Sammy, into the lobby with him. A customer discovered the sleeping rider and his horse at 4:15 in the morning and alerted police. They woke the man and sent him on his way.

Ottawa, Canada – A 73-year old woman put her car in reverse, exited her driveway, drove across the street and struck a pole. She then continued in reverse through a church parking lot before hitting a parked car and coming to rest against handrailings on the front steps of the church. Though not injured, Lahja Pohjoisrinne was charged with driving while impaired and having a blood alcohol content over the legal limit.

Watford, England – Police were alerted to a suspected drunk driver attempting to leave a parking garage without paying. They found Jane Taperell, 36, at a closed barrier and when asked to back-up she did so only after flashing her bright lights and honking her horn. After a breath test showed her BAC to be above the legal limit, she was placed in the police car. Taperell tried to make a run for it but was subdued and booked at the Watford police station. There she refused to submit to another breath test that is part of normal procedure. Her attorney defending her behaviour by stating that she “was getting teased. She had wet herself during the incident and the officers were calling her pissy pants."

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