This Week

A toast from Decatur, Alabama – Police responded to a Lincoln Navigator that had run off the road and was submerged up to its windows in a branch of the Tennessee River. From the water’s edge police witnessed Jorge Osori Taverez, 21, drinking a can of beer. He then proceeded to stick the beer can out of the window to apparently toast the police. Taverez turned on the car stereo but water soon shorted out the electrical system. When he finished his beer, Taverez tossed the can out of the window and opened another. After being rescued by firefighters, Taverez was arrested for Tennessee DUI, having an open container and littering.

Two DUI arrests in five hours in New Hampshire – Laurie Congley, 48, was stopped just before 9:00 pm for New Hampshire DUI. She was booked and released on a personal recognizance bond. Then at 1:28 am she was stopped again and charged with a second drunk driving offense. Prosecutors said, “She went out and apparently drank some more.”

Not starting off on the right foot in Germany – A 27-year old man from Bendorf, Germany arrived at 8:30 am to take a driving test. The examiner smelled alcohol, though he agreed to start the test after the young man denied having touched a drop. The man’s erratic driving however lead the examiner to unknowingly direct the driver to the nearest police station. Once there, police tested him for alcohol and found the driver to have a blood alcohol content over three times the legal limit. A statement from the Rhineland Pfalz police said, “Needless to say, the driving test was at an end. It will be difficult for the young man to acquire a driving license for a few years.”

Stopped for DUI on way to DUI hearing in Pennsylvania – Anthony R. Lilly, 74, of Susquehanna Township was arrested for Pennsylvania DUI after hitting a guardrail. At the time of the accident, he was driving to a court hearing for a February DUI arrest when he struck a car in an Arby’s parking lot and drove off. He said he does not remember any details of the latest accident. Lilly described himself as a drinker but said after the latest drunk driving arrests he will probably have to stop sitting with the bartender until the early morning hours.

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