This Week

Nudity, sex and driving in Seattle – Washington State Patrol officers stopped a couple when their SUV was seen drifting between lanes and speeding up and slowing down on Interstate 90, east of Seattle. They found the 19-year driver and his 20-year old female passenger nude, and engaged in sexual activity. The passenger was also witnessed trying to hide a bottle of wine. After failing a field sobriety test, the driver was charged with Washington DUI and “embracing while driving.” The arrested trooper said “There were some acts of physical intimacy going on in the vehicle that were best saved for not driving down the freeway."

A little frisky in New Hampshire – Taryn McCarthy, 21, was charged with DWI after partying. Three days in jail was added to her sentence for grabbing the arresting officer’s genitals not once but four times. Besides jail, fines, loss of driver’s license and mandatory alcohol treatment, the aspiring actress was required to write a letter of apology to the state trooper.

Those good old college days in New Jersey – During a reunion weekend at Princeton University, seven alumni were arrested for New Jersey DWI. Caught up in the revelry were a law firm partner, two corporate vice presidents, two managing directors and two men in their seventies who were back on campus for their 50th class reunion.

When in Rome, do as the Romans – A 24-year old man from Columbia mistook took the Spanish Steps in Rome for a road and careened down the famed steps in his Toyota Celica. Police surrounding the vehicle near the bottom of the 18th century staircase and charged the man with drunk driving.

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