This Week

Eager for the early bird special in Texas – Father Karel Fink, pastor of St. Paul Parish in Smithville, Texas, crashed his pick-up truck into La Cabana Restaurant. The 61-year old priest was found to be intoxicated and charged with Texas DWI. Fink is recovering at the St. Paul Church rectory.

More drive-thru madness in Connecticut – Vernon resident passed at a local Taco Bell shortly before 3:00 am while ordering food. Police were called and they found Lajos Patrissi’s truck still in the drive thru lane, with one vehicle waiting behind the truck. Patrissi was charged with driving under the influence.

Sounds more like bulls##t in Pennsylvania – When Anthony M. Bruce was stopped around 2:30 am and questioned about the smell of alcohol, he told police it was ‘cow manure’. Bruce, 20, was arrested for under age drinking and Pennsylvania DUI.

Really wanted that last beer in Wisconsin – A 22-year old woman from Fond du Lac crashed into the rear of a Bud Light beer truck at 6:00 in the morning as it was waiting to turn into a Walmart parking lot. She was arrested for drunk driving, as well as a few outstanding warrants.

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