This Week

Second lawnmower arrest means heavy fine in Virginia – Glenn Bowers, a 46-year old handyman from Waynesboro, finished a lawn-cutting job and started home on a city street on his Craftsman mower. Despite a top speed of 6 miles per hour, Bowers was stopped by police and subjected to a breath test. He registered 3 times the legal limit and was charged with Virginia DUI. Because of another lawnmower DUI arrest in 2003, Bowers was deemed a dangerous driver and is now subject to the state’s abusive driver law. The result could be a minimum fine of $2750 and 20 days in jail. Bowers has already paid $65 for the release of his lawnmower from the police impound lot.

Woman runs over driving instructor in Florida – David Tanner was giving Victoria Hosner, 30, a driving lesson when she suddenly accelerated backward, knocking Tanner down and running over his leg. Though considered a total accident by her husband, Hosner continued in reverse and caused about $6,000 in damage. A responding Naples police officer suspected alcohol and a test revealed a blood alcohol content of .146. Hoser was charged with driving under the influence, three counts of driving under the influence with damage to property or person of another and, of course, driving without a license.

Making it really obvious in North Carolina – Greensboro police were operating a DWI checkpoint when around 1:00 in the morning a car hit a pedestrian. According to reports, Amy Ellison and Daniel Matthews were trying to switch places in their vehicle when a foot got stuck on the accelerator. Their Chevrolet Impala lurched forward, striking an emergency service truck and three other vehicles before hitting the pedestrian. All three were taken to a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

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