This Week

Defiance in California – An Orange County man suspected of drunk driving lead police on a chase and, after attempting to run over the officers, jumped from his vehicle still holding a beer in his hand. The unidentified man was caught and charged with California DUI.

Husband arrests wife in Nevada – Sheriff’s deputy Charlotte Moore was off-duty when she was arrested for drunk driving – by her husband, a fellow deputy. One has to wonder how things went at home after she was released from jail.

Making his mark in Florida – Louis Piselli, 41, apparently angry after being refused service because he was drunk, urinated all over a restaurant bathroom, swore at the bartender, threw her a penny tip and left. Police caught up with Piselli at a Port St. Lucie grocery store and warned him not to ride his bicycle while intoxicated. He ignored the advice and was charged with a Florida DUI.

Driving drunk and blind in Estonia – A 20-year blind man identified only as Kristjan was stopped twice in one week for drunk driving in Tartu, Estonia. The first time he was being guided by a 16-year old though neither had a driving permit. The second DUI charge came when police spotted Kristjan being given driving directions by three passengers. Kristjan reportedly stated that he likes driving and regularly gets behind the wheel of his car. Police have asked a court to seize the vehicle. Estonian law does not forbid a blind person from owning a car.

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