This Week

Two drivers, one collision, two arrests in New York – Around 5:45 pm, Marco J. Sarchioto, 35, hit the rear end of a car driven by Donald Jacobs, 50. Sarchioto smelled of alcohol, failed a field sobriety test and registered a blood alcohol content above the legal limit of .08%. He was also cited for driving with a suspended license. Jacobs also had an odor of alcohol, had a BAC above the legal limit of .08% and was driving with a suspended license. Both were charged with New York DWI.

One driver, one day, two drunk driving charges in Wisconsin – Gerald Barbian, 53, of West Allis was spotted asleep behind the wheel of his car at 8:30 am. Because the keys were in the ignition he was arrested for Wisconsin DUI, booked and released. That afternoon, Barbian led police on a high-speed chase. Police had to smash in his window to apprehend him and charge him with his second DUI of the day.

One husband, one wife, two DUI arrests in Australia – Driving home after a barbeque only a half mile from his house, Dean Woodham, 35, failed a breath test administered during a random traffic stop. He then indicated that his wife was following him and would soon be there. Three minutes later Natalie Woodham, 36, was also stopped and subjected to a breath test. Both were charged with DUI after having a BAC above the legal limit. Both acknowledged seeing the police traffic check point as they left the party.

One driver, one hour, two crashes in New York – David Kneeland, 37, of Jefferson County crashed his wife’s minivan into a guardrail and was cited for New York DWI. Just 45 minutes later he wrecked his own car by driving into several trees, resulting in a second DWI charge.

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