This Week

Tailgating the wrong car in New York – Jeffrey Combs, 23, from West Harrison, earned a New York DWI after tailgating a White Plains police cruiser around 6:00 am. Combs passed the police car and ran a red light before being stopped.

Making noise in New Jersey – Huemantzi Betanzos, 26, of Lindenwold, was pulled over in the city center of Vineland, New Jersey for cranking his stereo up so loud that he was in violation of the city’s noise ordinance. After police noticed the smell of alcohol, Betzano failed a field sobriety test and was charged with New Jersey DWI.

Hey, look at me in Florida – As if driving a $400,000 yellow Lamborghini wouldn’t create enough attention, Ronald Tridico wrecked his brand new exotic car while driving drunk. The 39-year old from Windermere lost control in a curve near Orlando, left the road and crashed. He left the scene even though his wife, who was a passenger, suffered minor injuries.

Can you hear me now in Kansas – Police patrolling downtown Lawrence, Kansas were attracted to the sound of a revving car engine. They found a man slumped in the seat of a locked sport utility vehicle with the engine running. The motorist woke briefly and tried to put the vehicle in gear before passing out again. Police managed to unlock the driver’s door and charge the driver with driving under the influence.

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