This Week

Memory lapse in New Mexico – When police pulled over Jesus Ruiz for driving a pickup truck with expired plates and suspicion of drunk driving he tried to beat the rap by giving them a fake name. Unfortunately Ruiz, 55, could not remember how to spell ‘Rodriguez.’ He got as far as ‘Jaim Rodrige-‘ and couldn’t finish the rest of the name. He was charged with his fourth New Mexico DWI.

Bragging to the wrong person in Florida – On his way to a convenience store for beer, Thomas Jerry Hoffmann, 22, cut in and out of traffic on a yellow Yamaha all-terrain vehicle at 70-75 miles an hour on a road with a speed limit of 45. When approached at the cash register about his actions, Hoffman became belligerent and claimed to know ‘all kinds of lawmen in east Hillsborough County’. Unfortunately for him the person asking questions was a local sheriff who had witnessed Hoffman’s ride from an unmarked police car. Hoffman was charged with Florida DUI and resisting arrest.

Just ‘drunk’ not ‘drunk drunk’ in Florida – Charlette A. Wesley, 50, was stopped in Fort Pierce for driving suspiciously after police witnessed her sitting at a blinking red light with her head below the dashboard. When questioned about drinking she said she wasn’t ‘drunk drunk’ just slightly drunk. While being arrested, the West Palm Beach woman expressed concern about her purse in her vehicle. A police search revealed marijuana and a brass pipe. Wesley was charged with Florida DUI and possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana.

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