This Week

Trying to make a speedy escape in West Virginia – When police tried to pull Michael Ginevan, over for suspicion of drunk driving, he sped up and tried to outrun them. He was riding a lawnmower at the time though and a Sheriff’s deputy was able to park his cruiser and run after Ginevan. The 39-year old from Bunker Hill would not stop until the officer pulled him from the mower. Ginevan refused a field sobriety test and was charged with West Virginia DUI and fleeing arrest. Police found a case of beer strapped to the front of the mower.

Thinking no one would notice in Kentucky – Steven Marcum was arrested for driving under the influence in northeastern Kentucky, after running two red lights. Unfortunately Marcum was driving an ambulance at the time, with a patient in the back. Police say the ambulance’s lights and siren were not in use when he ran through the intersections. Marcum failed a field sobriety test and the patient was transferred to another ambulance for transport to a nearby nursing home.

Tattoos don’t lie in Florida – When police stopped a motorist in Port St. Lucie the driver confessed to having had “way to much to drive.” Identifying himself as Matthew E. Livingston, the suspect could not produce a driver’s license, and personal information given to the officers did not yield a match in a computer search. Police then noticed the name ‘Cox’ tattoed on the man’s back. A second computer search revealed that Cox had a suspended Florida ID card, a suspended Ohio driver’s license and a warrant out for his arrest in St. Lucie County. Cox now also faces charges for Florida DUI, giving false information to a law enforcement officer, possession of marijuana and a number of other violations.

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