This Week

Driving without pants in New York – Michael C. Schupner was stopped for suspicion of drunk driving in Ulster County around 2:45 in the morning. The deputy noticed, as he approached the vehicle, a can of beer spilling onto the back seat. When asked to step out of the car the police saw that Schupner was not wearing any pants. It was determined he had taken them off because they were wet from urine and spilled beer. Schupner refused a field sobriety test and breath test and faces five charges including felony New York DWI.

Arrested for drunk driving while on the way to court in Canada – A 54 year old Vancouver man, stopped for suspicion of drunk driving, mentioned to the arresting officer that he was on his way to court for a previous DUI charge. He has been charged with several new offenses, had his driver’s license suspended and his car impounded.

Officer with DUI suspect in police cruiser hit by another DUI suspect in Idaho – Deputy Steven Craig of the Ada County sheriff’s department was transporting an 18-year old arrested for drunk driving to jail when his cruiser was hit by Earl Hanson. Hanson, 44, was determined to have a blood alcohol content above .20 and he too was charged with Idaho DUI. No one was seriously injured in the crash.

New York firefighter shoots colleague while drunk – Volunteer fireman Stanley Memmelaar was charged with reckless endangerment, assault and DWI after he discharged a weapon inside the Moyers Corners Fire Station One and hit a fellow firefighter. Memmelaar, 26, was determined to be drunk when he accidentally pulled the trigger of his gun and hit Tyler Drake in the arm and chest. Memmelaar had been a Sheriff’s Deputy recruit but was released last August for undisclosed reasons.

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