Third Cop Accused of Falsifying Illinois DUI Charges

Two Illinois men have filed separate federal lawsuits against a Chicago police officer for reportedly falsifying arrest reports during traffic stops for suspicion of drunk driving. The men claim that Town Hall District Officer Richard Fiorito violated their civil rights. He is accused of manufacturing Illinois DUI charges and other traffic offenses in order to get over-time pay that comes with making court appearances.

In one situation, a man was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving in Illinois only four minutes after being released for driving with a suspended license. He would not have been released on a personal recognizance bond if he were drunk. In the same incident, the motorist had been advised by a desk sergeant not to drive until he had a valid license. While retrieving his coat from his vehicle, Officer Fiorito demanded that he move the car. When he did, Fiorita immediately activated the emergency lights on his squad car.

Fiorito, 60, is the third police officer in the past year to be investigated for falsifying arrests for driving under the influence in Chicago. Officer Joe Parker is currently on desk duty during an investigation into wrongdoing and Officer John Haleas has been charged by Cook County prosecutors with perjury, official misconduct and obstructing justice. Anti-DUI organizations like MADD and Alliance Against Intoxicated Motorists have recognized all three of those officers as

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