Third arrest of Austin law enforcement officer for drunk driving in Texas this summer

Police on patrol in northeast Austin witnessed Vernon Stevenson, an off-duty fellow officer, trying to pick up his personal motorcycle from along side the road. Stevenson, who had successfully started his motorcycle by the time the officers could turn around, was then witnessed swerving between lanes. When stopped for the traffic infraction, the officers detected alcohol his breath and blood shot eyes. After refusing to submit to a field sobriety test, Stevenson was arrested for drunk driving in Austin.

In July, an Austin police department detective was arrested for drunk driving in Bell County, about 50 miles north of Austin, and in early June an officer failed a field sobriety test and was charged with Texas DWI in Hayes County, just south of Austin.

While the Austin police department has not issued a statement, Police Chief Art Acevedo has garnered press recently for his aggressive position on enforcing drunk driving laws. Stevenson has been placed on restrictive duty pending an internal investigation.

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