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WARNING A conviction for drunk driving in Hamilton County would require you to carry expensive auto insurance for at least five years.

Chattanooga DUI Attorney Marcos Garza may be able to get your case reduced or even dismissed, saving you thousands of dollars in insurance premiums. Call now for more info.

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Protecting Your Rights after a DUI in Tennessee

Working to Save Your Driving Privileges after a DUI in Chattanooga

You Have the Right to Challenge Your Chattanooga DUI Arrest

Drunk driving is never condoned, though there increasingly are efforts to criminalize responsible social drinking and initiate traffic stops made without probable cause, meaning someone who had two glasses of wine with dinner and is in control of their vehicle could be charged with driving under the influence.

Garza Law Firm, PLLC
Garza Law Firm, PLLC
550 W. Main Street Suite 340
Knoxville, TN 37902

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  • Chattanooga DUI attorney Marcos M. Garza has advanced experience and training to fight your DUI charges
  • Aggressive protection of your rights and of your driving privileges
  • Former prosecutor in the U.S. Marine Corps with unique experience of both sides of the courtroom
  • Committed to obtaining the best possible outcome of your case
  • 5-star rating on AVVO by former clients out of more than 70 reviews

Because drunk driving in Tennessee is a serious and complicated offense, and Tennessee DUI laws stipulate severe penalties with a conviction, a charge of DUI should be challenged with the legal guidance of an experienced and qualified drunk driving defense lawyer.

Chattanooga DUI Lawyer Marcos Garza approaches each TN DUI with the assumption that his client will not be found guilty and that the case can be won. Marcos Garza focuses on DUI defense. He knows the law and the court system, and has been trained in DUI testing procedures. Working with investigators, experts and a combined knowledge of the legal, factual and scientific aspects of a DUI, Marcos Garza will build the most appropriate legal defense. He will force the prosecution at each and every step of the process in a relentless effort to get your charges reduced or your case dismissed.

Free Initial Tennessee DUI Case Review

Hamilton County DUI Attorney Marcos Garza will listen to your story and review the details of your specific case before giving you an honest appraisal of your situation and your legal options. Usually that can be done with a relatively short phone call. For a free consultation, call (423) 822-2367 or fill out the form. All inquiries are kept confidential and there is no further obligation, so call now.

About a DUI in Tennessee

A motorist operating or in control of a motor vehicle on a public roadway can be charged with driving under the influence in Tennessee by:

  1. Registering a blood alcohol content at or above the legal limit of .08%.
  2. An officer’s assessment that you were impaired by alcohol and/or drugs at the time you were driving.

It should be noted that breath and blood tests have to be conducted in very strict way within a limited time frame. In the absence of a breath or blood test, an arrest could be made solely on the impression you give to a police officer. So a subjective assessment, errors in procedure and poor equipment maintenance could lead to false charges. Chattanooga DUI Attorney Marcos Garza will use such weaknesses or mistakes in the prosecution’s position to seek dismissal of or reduction in the DUI charges.

When Defending a DUI in Tennessee, Time Is Critical

Defending against driving under the influence in Tennessee is very complex, requiring a combination of legal acumen, technical knowledge, investigative resources and even social skills. Hiring an attorney as soon as possible, preferably well before your arraignment, will not only ensure that your rights are protected but that an appropriate defense for your case is put into place immediately. Acting quickly could, and most often does, increase the chances of getting a favorable outcome.

Penalties for a DUI in Tennessee

Even a first offense for driving under the influence in Hamilton County can result in a fine, jail, litter pick-up detail, loss of driver’s license and loss of auto insurance. The penalties escalate with each consecutive conviction for a TN DUI and when the blood alcohol content exceeds .20%.

Under Tennessee DUI law, the owner of a vehicle can be charged with DUI even when someone else is driving. The term is DUI by Consent.

Being found guilty of drunk driving in Hamilton County would mean having a criminal record. That could lead to difficulties with your current job and severely limit future employment opportunities. It could also keep you from renting a car or opening a credit account.

Chattanooga DUI Attorney Marcos Garza will try to keep your record clean by seeking reduction and/or dismissal of the charges. Protect your future and contact the Garza Law Firm now.

Chattanooga DUI Attorney Marcos Garza

The Garza Law Firm focuses on defending those accused of driving under the influence in Hamilton County and Eastern Tennessee. Chattanooga DUI Lawyer Marcos Garza believes each case can be won, and that approach has led to successful case results for hundreds of clients.

Mr. Garza is dedicated to exploring any and all legal options in his efforts to get a positive result in each and every case. The Garza Law Firm is committed to providing the highest level of personal service. You are more than a case number, and the outcome of your case is very important to Criminal Defense Attorney Marcos Garza.

Drunk driving defense attorney Marcos Garza is one of only a few TN DUI lawyers certified in the administration of the standardized field sobriety tests. He received an undergraduate degree from Vanderbilt University, a Master’s Degree from the University of Tennessee College of Social Work in Nashville and a Juris Doctorate from the University of Tennessee College of Law. During law school Marcos Garza was commissioned as Second Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps. His military experience included criminal, administrative and operational law and his billets included that of a Prosecutor/Trial Counsel of Courts Martials. He finished active duty with the rank of Captain.

Chattanooga TN DUI Lawyer Marcos Garza is a member of the National College of DUI Defense, the American Association for Justice and the Tennessee Bar Association. He is a Board Member of the Tennessee Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and a Life Member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

Call Now For a Free DUI Consultation

To schedule a meeting with Hamilton County DUI Lawyer Marcos Garza, call (423) 822-2367 or fill out the form. Remember, time is important and the best result is most often achieved when a DUI defense lawyer is involved very early in the justice process. Call now for your free consultation.

Client Reviews

5 Star Review

"I got pulled over for speeding on a holiday weekend. Should have gotten a ticket and been on my way. Mr Officer had an agenda and never offered a breathalyzer, only a blood draw. I felt that this was excessive for the situation and declined. I spent the next 12 hours shuffling around the legal process. Marcos was recommended by a friend and met with me, after business hours, a couple days later. He listened to the facts of my situation and gave me solid advice on what I needed to do to help my self. He could tell that the possibility of a DUI conviction was weighing heavy on my mind. A few court dates came and went and 6 months later I was offered a reduced sentence with court costs as a fine. My driving privileges were not suspended. I truly believe, that his experience and knowledge was the critical difference between me moving past this life event with only a hole in my bank account. The best lesson learned from this experience is to have the wisdom to not find yourself at the mercy of a field sobriety test. Cops have agendas and have bad days. If you should find yourself in a jam, be respectful, be cooperative and above all, consult with Marcos before you submit to anything that can potentially incriminate you." - Chuck, DUI client

"My co-defendant and I, hired Marcos Garza a couple months ago. Our charges were, needless to say, something both my co-defendant and I, didn't want or need with our professions. We both were very stressed out and didn't know exactly what to do or where to turn. My co-defendant heard an advertisement on the radio about this Marcos Garzo, specializing in DUI cases. So..he decided to give him a try. We definitely didn't have anything to lose. The whole process was smooth! He even told us not to stress, because that was his job to do for us. Marcos is one of the kindest, sweetest, smooth and smartest men I've ever had the pleasure of working with. He went above and beyond for me without my expectation of him doing so. Obviously we won our case, but even better, it was better than what we expected our outcome to be. The case was dismissed, expunged and due to a discrepancy of payment from what we were originally told, he went to bat for us on that and we didn't have to pay the difference from what we were originally told. I will sing his praises from now until the end of time. He was such a pleasure to work with! He's an attorney with SWAGGER!!!" - Jasmine, DUI client

"I would recommend Mr. Garza to anyone in Knoxville with a DUI case. My case in particular, was not pretty (lack of video, high BAC...). Marcos and his staff took the time to answer all of my questions, met with me whenever I needed and gave me a peace of mind throughout the process. The DUI was the first offense on my record and Marcos got me an extremely favorable outcome. He met all of my goals that I set in our first meeting and I appreciate his care and professionalism." - Danny, DUI client

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