Tennessee Fire Captain Arrested For DUI

Tennessee Fire Captain Richard T. Glover Arrested For DUI

richard gloverRichard T. Glover, a fire captain in Red Bank, Tennessee was arrested for DUI on January 17, 2012. According to police, Glover was seen swerving across Dayton Blvd. without his headlights on when an officer pulled him over. When the officer questioned Glover, he noticed several signs of alcohol intoxication such as slurred speech, glassy eyes and an odor of alcohol on the fire captain’s breath. The incident occurred near Signal Mountain Road at around 3 a.m. The officer questioning Glover also noticed a strong odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle at which time Glover admitted to having smoked but said, “not that much“. The arresting officer then asked Glover to step out of his vehicle to perform a series of field sobriety tests.

When the officer began the “one leg stand” test, Glover raised his right leg for only a couple of seconds before saying, “I can’t do any of your tests“. When the officer searched Glover’s Ford Ranger, he found an open container of alcohol sitting in the cup holder. The officer then placed the fire captain under arrest, who was apparently very cooperative throughout the process and took him to the Red Bank police station. After being taken to the police station, Glover was forced to submit a blood test to determine his blood alcohol content (BAC) level and made bond early that morning. Since the incident, Glover has been suspended without pay pending an investigation. According to the police report, the fire captain was also arrested for DUI in 1987 in Hamilton County.

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