Teen Tyler Alred Sentenced 10 Years Of Church For DUI Manslaughter

Teen Tyler Alred Sentenced 10 Years Of Church For DUI Manslaughter

tyler alredTyler Alred, a teen who was found guilty of first degree manslaughter after being involved in a DUI crash was been sentenced to 10 years of church attendance on November 13, 2012. Alred, 17, was charged as a youthful offender after crashing his truck on December 3, 2011. John Luke Dum, 16, was the passenger in Alred’s truck and was ejected from the vehicle and killed as a result of the crash. According to police, Alred had a blood alcohol content (BAC) level of .006% and while the legal limit is .08%, Alred still received a DUI for being under the legal drinking age.

According to the Muskogee Phoenix newspaper, Alred made a statement to the victim’s family and friends after being sentenced. In his statement, Alred said, “I know my words cannot bring him back, I did not want to do what I did. I want to change my life. I have changed my life“. Members of the Dum family also read statements expressing their grief as well as hope that Alred would learn from the experience. John’s sister Caitlin said, “We don’t need to see two lives wasted for a mistake“. Alred was given a 10 year deferred sentence by Judge Norman and must comply with a list of conditions if he wants to avoid jail time. Alred must graduate from high school, submit drug, alcohol and nicotine tests for a year, attend victim impact panels, wear an alcohol bracelet, graduate from welding school and attend church for 10 years.

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