“Teen Mom”, Farrah Abraham, Defends Her DUI In Blog Post

“Teen Mom”, Farrah Abraham, Defends Her DUI In Blog Post

The Stir made strong comments against Farrah Abraham’s recent blog post regarding her DUI arrest, stating that it will make you curse the public school system and fear for your children’s education. Abraham, a TV personality from MTV’s “Teen Mom”, outrageously defended her recent DUI in the post and blamed her arrest on the police officer that stopped her.  She blogged the following: “When the alcohol content is shown, which I did not see personally, it was .145. That is a number of legal intoxication, no doubt, but like I mentioned I know how to handle myself and I was concerned about safety. So I was released and the asswhole cop who kept trying to make everything worse for myself was shouting loudly ‘I’m shocked she only blew that, she should be in jail’- ya what a dumbass.” 

Abraham’s blog post was criticized for extremely poor usage of grammar. In addition to being judged as an uneducated individual, she was bashed for failing to take responsibility of her actions and minimizing them. Abraham evidently tried to blame the legal officer for her DUI arrest. Media critics fear that Abraham will eventually learn her lesson the hard way.

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