Teen Mom Farrah Abraham Avoids Jail In DUI Case

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham Avoids Jail In DUI Case

farrah abrahamFarrah Abraham, star of the TV show “Teen Mom”, has avoided jail time in her DUI case by entering a plea of guilty instead of not-guilty. Abraham was arrested for DUI on March 19, 2013 after making a wide turn and almost hitting a police cruiser. When police pulled her over, they suspected the Teen Mom star might be under the influence of alcohol and asked her to perform a field sobriety test, which she failed. Police also conducted a blood alcohol test and found that Farrah Abraham had a blood alcohol content (BAC) level of .147%, almost double the legal limit.

The guilty plea may come as a surprise to some, since Abraham has insisted she was innocent and was not driving at the time of the arrest. According to Abraham, she was already parked when the police found her, because she knew she was drunk and could not drive any further. In exchange for her guilty plea, Abraham will not face jail time but will be placed on probation. Prosecutors are also asking that she have her driving privileges suspended and pay a $500 fine. Also, by entering a guilty plea, Abraham will have charges for refusal to take a sobriety test and disorderly conduct dropped. Farrah Abraham has since admitted she was driving drunk and said “‚ÄúLife will sort itself out. But you know what? Going through hell and back, I feel like I have learned a lot“.

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