Teen Driving Drunk in Washington With Mother

State Patrol troopers say a 14-year old girl was driving under the influence in Washington when she wrecked a Dodge minivan. She was thrown from the vehicle as it overturned. Her 32-year old mother was reportedly also heavily intoxicated and passed out in a passenger seat at the time of the accident. Bottles of malt liquor were found in the vehicle. The pair was driving from Auburn, Washington when the accident occurred around 5:30 am Tuesday morning near Snoqualmie on Route 18.

The mother and daughter were taken to a Bellevue hospital. The young girl suffered severe head and spine injuries though they are not considered life threatening. The mother was not seriously injured. Both were described as uncooperative, refusing to divulge their names, ages or what they were doing before the wreck. The mother alternatively claimed she was the girl

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