Teen Arrested for California DUI and Road Rage

A Santa Rosa teenager was arrested for assault and DUI in California following a road rage incident. The California Highway Patrol says that a Petaluma woman called around 4:00 am Sunday morning to report a 2-door black Acura following her on northbound US Highway 101. The Acura driver was tailgating the woman and then would sped pass her only to slam on his brakes. The driver also swerved in a presumed attempt to force her off the road.

The woman provided a description of the Acura to CHP who in turn alerted local law enforcement agencies. A Sonoma County sheriff’s deputy spotted the Acura and initiated a traffic stop. The driver, eighteen-year old Carlos Gomez, was suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol and taken into arrest. He was booked into the county jail on charges of CA DUI, assault with a deadly weapon, driving without a valid license and driving without insurance.

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