Taran Noah Smith, Home Improvement Star, Gets DUI

Taran Noah Smith, Home Improvement Star, Gets DUI

Taran Noah Smith Gets DUI

Taran Noah Smith, who starred on Home Improvement as a child celebrity, was recently arrested for a DUI and felony drug possession. Police officers spotted Smith’s 1998 silver Honda Accord parked in front a fire hydrant in Los Angeles. Sources stated that when the legal officers approached him, they “smelled a ‘strong odor’ of marijuana.” One of the officers continued the legal investigation only to find hash in the car. Smith was apprehended and taken to jail.

Smith, who is 28 years old, “pleaded ‘guilty’ to the possession of hash and ‘no contest’ to the fact he was driving under the influence of marijuana.” The penalties he received consisted of a 12 hour program for the DUI charges along with a 6 month “drug diversion program” for the drug possession. In addition, he  also received three years of probation. Smith will be summoned to a court hearing in June.

Although Smith hasn’t acted since the end of the 1999 ABC show-Home Improvement-he still managed to cause some scandals. Sources stated that “at 17, he sued his parents, accusing them of squandering his money.” Furthermore, during that same year, he married a woman that was 16 years older than him.

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