Tampa Attorney Arrested for DUI and Delays his Client’s Trial

An Attorney is Arrested for DUI in Tampa which Delays his Client’s Trial by One Day

Attorney Phil Campbell was arrested for DUI on Wednesday, putting a day’s hold on the trial he was right in the middle of. Phil Campbell is representing radio personality Todd “MJ” Schnitt in a suit against radio personality “Bubba the Love Sponge Clem”. Phillip Campbell, 64, was arrested after he was pulled over and refused to take a blood alcohol level test. Police reports said that Campbell smelled of alcohol and had glassy, red eyes. Campbell was released from jail on a $500 bond. This is his second arrest for DUI in the last five years.

The alleged defamatory statements suit was put on hold for a day due to Campbell’s DUI arrest. His client, Schnitt, has said on his show repeatedly that he would fire anyone who worked for him if they were arrested for DUI. Neither Schnitt nor Campbell had a comment to those remarks on Thursday morning. The trial is expected to resume, as long as Schnitt does not fire Campbell over his DUI arrest.

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