Tallahassee Fines

Cross the Line, Pay a Fine

Run a red light or cross the stop bar at an intersection and you could
end up paying $185.50. Last Sunday, the Tallahassee Police Department
started Operation Stop at the Line or Pay the Fine, a special effort to
regulate traffic at intersections. Marked patrol vehicles, unmarked
vehicles, police motorcycles, uniformed and plain-clothes officials will
now stand at key intersections. When the signal changes to red, they will
focus their attention on the stop bar painted on the pavement. If a
vehicle crosses the bar, it will be deemed a violation. Besides paying
the fine, three points will be placed on the violator’s license for a
year. Accumulation of 12 points in one year could result in a license
suspension. TPD spokesman John Creamer said the effort is intended to
educate people and get their attention. The special operation will end
Saturday, but officers will continue to regulate and issue citations for
these violations.

Source: http://www.tallahassee.com

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