Tacoma City Councilman Busted For DUI

Tacoma City Councilman Busted For DUI

ryan mello

Ryan Mello, a Tacoma City Councilman, was arrested for DUI on January 19, 2013. According to the Washington State Patrol, Mello was pulled over and asked to step out of his car, which was apparently loaded with passengers, when the officer detected an odor of alcohol coming from the vehicle. The officer proceeded to give Mello a series of field sobriety tests and determined that Mello was driving under the influence of alcohol.

According to police, Mello’s blood alcohol content (BAC) level exceeded the legal limit of .08% at the time of the arrest. The trooper also noted that at no time during the arrest did Mello identify himself as a Tacoma City Councilman or try to use his position to sway the officer. The trooper, Guy Gill, said “He was polite and cooperative. During the entire time he did not identify himself as a councilman. He was treated no different than anyone else“. After his arrest, Mello was processed at a nearby police station for DUI with those charges being filed through the attorneys office in Pierce County.

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